1. 60921


    I keep coming back for this one! great taste and burns with a nice light grey ash....

  2. 69802

    Leslie-Anne McKee

    This is all I order now! it's a bit pricey but soooo worth it, great for menstrual cramps, back aches, migraines and my husband likes it to relax after a long day of physical work.

  3. 1624

    Leslie-Anne McKee

    This is by far the best deal for mix and match as I get to try different strands of TOP quality goods and I know I am getting my money's worth and I am never disappointed!

  4. 68437

    Leslie-Anne McKee

    WOW! I will never go back to low dose again! this is not made for the faint of heart! definitely worth a try and I will buy these again!

  5. 70883

    Leslie-Anne McKee

    Daniel Larusso has to be the best strain yet and pre-rolls are perfect for when your in a hurry with no time to roll

  6. 70928

    Leslie-Anne McKee

    These pre-rolls are perfect in a pinch when you got no time to roll and you want to relax after a busy day! I usually buy a few pre-rolls in case of emergency :)

  7. 58705


    Thought I’d try it; very pleased I did. Pleasant taste; effects superb for both physical pain and sleeplessness. Ordering more for sure!

  8. 63945

    Ashton Firman

    Super mellow high, helps me relax. Gets me high af, definitely recommend this weed but it's probably not for beginners lol

  9. 70882

    Ashton Firman

    Highly reccomend very good buy had all four flavors and Tropicana cookies is the best!

  10. 70810

    Ashton Firman

    Very good price but is a little harsh (my bong is dirty could be a factor) Definetly a good buy