1. 67874


    These moon rocks are outstanding, would highly reccomend when you want that extra boost!

  2. 69802


    used to be my favorite , but this last batch was not as great as the last batch...abit of a disappointment

  3. 71134


    really smooth, excellent buzz may become my next favorite

  4. 70344


    Love these edibles and just the right dose for me. My wife loves ‘em for relaxing and snoozing. My kids (adults) and I love em when camping and doing outdoorsy stuff. Like one reviewer said, the customer service here at OBO is second to none!!!

  5. 68444


    These high dose gummies are great and come in some tasty flavours, I personally love the cherry cola, tastes like Dr. Pepper. Gives a great high and up to you to decide how potent you’d like it. I usually cut mine in a few pieces and share with friends. When I order the 10 pack I keep them in the fridge to preserve them and enjoy when I like. I love ‘em in the evening, watch a game and doze off into la-la land.

  6. 70111


    These high dose gummies are fantastic and priced well, working out to under $3/100mg of THC. Careful though, extremely potent so don’t be a hero and munch it at one time. I cut mine into 15 or 30 pieces and also share with family and friends. Great high that lasts and oh so yummy! Pick your favourite flavours and chill; also great as a sleep aid 😋

  7. 70810

    William Duff

    Totally worth the price ,, very pleased .

  8. 2077


    This is definently one of my favourites this and Daniel Lassaro!! Always fast shipping I have lots of dispensarys close to me but they are always oit of stock OBO always has what I want plus delivers right to my door what else can you ask for ! Thank you OBO

  9. 1119


    Love this deal the new Snoop dogg OG is amazing plus OBO got me hooked on Lindsay OG try them you wont be dissappointed !!

  10. 2077


    Ill be ordering this again its one of my favourites!! Thanks OBO!