PNE Full Spectrum Gummies – SATIVA/Tropical Punch – 150mg THC

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(22 customer reviews)
  • 10 X 15mg THC Gummies per bag
  • Full Spectrum Cannabis-Infused Edibles
  • Flavor: Tropical Punch

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Pure North Extracts Gummies are one of the highest quality Full Spectrum Cannabis Infused edibles out in the market. Each flavorful soy-free gummy is infused with precisely 15 mg of lab tested Full Spectrum Cannabis oil. Full Spectrum not only contains just THC and CBD but has a variety of other health beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes that creates a synergy effect together. Users describe the high to be much more pleasant than regular THC gummies with no burnouts. These gummies take about 30min to 90min to kick in depending on the user and will last between 2 to 3 hrs. When the high kicks in, you will notice a pleasant body high followed by a boost of happiness and euphoria. These edibles are great for fatigue, lack of appetite, relieving stress, chronic pain and migraines.

22 reviews for PNE Full Spectrum Gummies – SATIVA/Tropical Punch – 150mg THC

  1. dbarnesfam20171

    Great flavor lol taste like cherry honey oil …love them but I ate the whole pack 😋

  2. funny

    I was just going to try it but I’m sure it’s my favorite

  3. Ronaldo

    I was just going to try it but I’m sure it’s my favorite.For the first time in my life I had this feeling. This product makes me want to eat more. Relax, relax and have fun !!!

  4. JoeyTribbiani


  5. Brian

    Tastes great, loosens up my tight muscles. Very relaxing, definitely recommend.

  6. Doraemon

    Great amount of gummies for the price. 2-3 and my partner and I had a comfortable body high. Highly recommend!

  7. Paul

    Best Gummies I have had in a long time, three of us got blasted off one bag Bahaha

  8. QuangLe

    Tropical Punch flavour is amazing, will but again

  9. kriten

    It really helps me reduce stress and have a great relaxing time. My favorite products, my friends also love them

  10. Major

    The first time I knew it was the best product I had ever tried. I will definitely recommend it to my friends

  11. pam

    Love this brand. Awsome new flavor and gives you a nice high. Great for daytime.

  12. tatayoung

    Really really good for the morning. Not a crazy high, just a nice easy start to the day while still being able to function normally

  13. lala land

    effective in reducing stress. I had enough time to relax when using the product. I like it very much

  14. Ann

    The most effective candy I’ve ever tried. They stick together when I open the bottle, I put them in the fridge and the separation is nice.
    I use it for sleep when I work the night shift .. I start to feel very relaxed about half an hour after I take them. They taste so good! Careful … Lol

  15. shanenosrat

    Oh so delightful! It came on fairly quickly and has a slow trajectory into a state of happy delight.

  16. Danika

    Delicious and really helped take the edge off my anxiety! And no weird after taste.

  17. Freddy

    I wish they were a little less expensive but they do the trick for me. I use them to calm my anxiety & depression. I love the fact I can just pop them & it does the trick for me. Thank you!! , will purchase again

  18. wishingstar

    Great taste, decent high

  19. halei

    Light flavour and buzz, perfect for first thing in the morning with a coffee

  20. leon

    Lovely packaging, dosage & taste. Would buy again,

  21. mori

    Great taste and quality, good price too. Will order more 🙂

  22. Xcodant

    Great summer flavor. Works just as good as the other flavors!

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