MIKRO – 1:1 Gummies (100mg THC:CBD)

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MIKRO 1:1 Gummies 100mg

THC:CBD Total per bag 20 gummies x 5mg

THC:CBD per gummy (Hybrid THC) Flavors: Citrus, Lime, Raspberry

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31 reviews for MIKRO – 1:1 Gummies (100mg THC:CBD)

  1. Henry

    Really really good for the morning. Not a crazy high, just a nice easy start to the day while still being able to function normally

  2. kywinsor

    Nice mellow high. The only thing that wasn’t good for me was the taste.

  3. funnyboo

    I should have known this product earlier. averybody must try

  4. Peter Vermes

    First try and find it very final, will often use !

  5. vicki_h11

    First time trying and these are potent!

  6. Ivy

    I don’t enjoy smoking much but I really like edibles especially candies, such a nice treat!

  7. JamesDono

    I got the cherry ones in the mail today, just a few gummies had me laughing my head off! I’m a regular smoker too. Extremely impressed!

  8. MARRY

    Less potent than the 5mg cbd tabs, however that is to be expected since the dosage is 5mg less. Helps take the edge off of any inflammation based soreness.

  9. Tdubs

    These were perfect for someone like me that has a fairly low tolerance. Just a nice mellow high without that too high feeling of anxiety.

  10. erinsorenson

    I ate the entire thing, it was amazing, so worth it, amazing flavor.

  11. monique

    Wonderful .taste, nice bite

  12. monica

    Quite Enjoyed!! And, we liked the taste!!

  13. ThanhLAK

    Good value, nice way to try out the sweetcandy. Thanks ks

  14. _itsmeacub

    when I had these.. I took 3 and I was feeling such an amazing buzz. grabbing these again.

  15. helen

    The fruit taste is delicious and delicious. Great effect in bringing good sleep, no stress. Quite great to enjoy with my friends

  16. miruko

    They are also delicious – a classic cherry flavour, perfect size/dose and quantity – It’s always nice to see more than just 1 or 4 gummies in a

  17. High Flyer

    200 mg is a great lil packet to have with you. It’s lesser mg per gummy but it also has a long lasting high, and good with friends and alone

  18. Dakota

    Everything is good about this product you will not be disappointed!!!

  19. meiley

    my previous favorite is out of stock so I bought it. Unexpectedly, it made me extremely excited and excited. Will definitely buy more

  20. victoria

    as great as what’s advertised. I introduced them to my friends and they both enjoyed it

  21. Anonymous

    The raspberry taste makes me love it, it feels relaxing and delicious

  22. leon

    very wonderful, very delicious

  23. Sara

    This flavor is life! I take two at night and I get such good sleep!

  24. Rated 5 out of 5 Slowhands

    Delicious and work great . Not much else to say. Had two after dinner. I like to melt when take edibles and that I did.

  25. anacephalous

    Perfect portion sizes for me. MIKRO – 1:1 Gummies is a favorite.

  26. Suho

    best product i have ever tried. Very good value for money and time spent to buy it. Everyone should try

  27. Mad

    We recently moved and been under lots of stress. We both take two gummys a day and it really helps with anxiety and an overall feeling of well being.

  28. king

    Ordered these for a friend of mine. She loved these! Will be ordering some for myself for sure!

  29. jessi

    Great taste and a good high.

  30. martin L

    Nice mellow high. The only thing that wasn’t good for me was the taste.

  31. sammy

    Ready for my next order. This will definitely be in it

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