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Gold Glue distillates are made from a high premium blended nugs. Included with True Terpenes flavoring.

Package Includes:

  • 1 USB Charger
  • 1mL Gold Glue Cartridge of your choice
  • 1 Gold Glue Vape
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  1. Jeremy

    If your looking for compact,easy to use and convenient…….. don’t think twice on one of there little suckers!!!! Crazy affective, very potent and no mess.
    Love my vape.

  2. Ty k

    Excellent lil device. Death bubba hits Nice and smooth. 2 thumbs up for me. Can’t wait to try the other flavours.

  3. Barbara

    Tried Durban Poison this time . I really enjoyed this one has a great smooth taste . The high is exactly how it is described uplifting energetic high the come down is very light to, A great one for a busy day ????

  4. Kyn

    Good choice. If your looking for compact,easy to use and convenient…….. don’t think twice on one of there little suckers

  5. funy

    It is very convenient and easy to use

  6. Zoro

    Cant hang out without this set. It makes my trip become better.

  7. Laure

    Awesome product! Haven’t had one I didn’t like. It’s a wonderful relaxing sensation that doesn’t leave you tired. Great for reducing anxiety!

  8. Adonis

    Super cool looking and as soon as you take it out everyone is intrigued by it. High is awesome and the discrete smell is great!

  9. Matthew

    It was stronger than I thought. Surprised Me!

  10. Andrea

    I like it because it’s strong enough to burn the shatter without draining the battery.. allowing me to take some good hauls off it! Battery comes fully charged. . And does take a while to charge when it does die but it lasts quite awhile!

  11. Wesley

    5 star I loved it flavor and all.

  12. Amy

    Love them. I have anxiety and they have helped me in a daily. I am sleeping much better as well.

  13. panda

    Thumbs up

  14. lareboss

    Love it. The flavor could be a little stronger but such a smooth draw.

  15. neonie

    Really love the product with a good buzz

  16. jessie

    Super smooth pleasant flavour, and a nice and heavy hit. Very happy with it.

  17. summer

    Awesome item, One of my favs, Lasts long and good high for price. Sometimes drags are less smooth after half way, doesn’t bother me too much.

  18. david

    It was good. I’ve never gotten one these before but it was a nice one to start off with. Super discreet

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