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Name: Sour Cherry Blasters by Doobie Snacks

CONTENTS: 4 x 50mg Sour Cherry Blasters

DOSAGE: Each Sour Cherry Blasters is infused with 25mg. Begin with one candy and allow half an hour before ingesting more.

Category:  Edibles

THC Content: 200mg

Flavors: Sour Cherry Blasters

What to expect: Euphoria, Happy, Relaxed, Hungry, Laughter, Uplifting

Recommended use: Afternoon

Known to help with:  Chronic Pain, Depression, Fatigue, Headaches, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, ADHA, Stress.

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  1. Dave

    I need super strong edibles. These work nice and mild for me. Enjoyable flavours & price/mg is quite reasonable. I’d buy these again!

  2. michael

    love how you cant taste no weed soo good!

  3. Kyn

    love how you cant taste no weed soo good!

  4. funygee

    The taste is great, it feels really exciting

  5. AdrianHeath

    it melts in my mouth, the taste is strange, I always take it with me

  6. Neto

    Excellent product! The flavors and consistency are great- real gummy texture- and the high is long lasting.

  7. David

    Wow, these are great gummy’s! Wonderful flavors and very potent. BE CAREFUL, and be patient. I am a long time consumer and I only ate one and almost made the mistake of eating a 2nd too soon. Great buzz and long lasting. I will be ordering again once I get thought the first bag!

  8. Aleka

    Well this is our 4th purchase of these gummies. My husband loves them and so do I! They taste great. We are sleeping better than ever. Naturally calming and they really do help with pain.I highly reccomend!

  9. babyshark

    Love this brand, always consistent and taste is pretty good for dosage.

  10. Krippykush13

    So incredibly happy with this purchase! Took a chance on something with no reviews, so happy I did. This was everything I was hoping for. Taste wasn’t AMAZING but it wasn’t bad either! Worked pretty quickly, was feeling absolutely great.

  11. Amee

    I love this item so much. I have noticed a big difference in my husband without the effect of drugs. So he’s not lethargic, or lazy. He feels better and he is just enjoying the gummies. Great products I will continue to buy for a long time. Great price and you get a lot.

  12. Vanver

    great value for the money. it arrived in 3 days from BC to ON, and i couldn’t be happier. i tried one of the gummy bears, and it tastes so good. and sooo high. will order again.

  13. lpa

    Effects are good. Not my favourite for taste.

  14. jessica ball

    I really love its delicious taste. It is my favorite product

  15. High Flyer

    Comes in pack of 10 gummies, making it 40mg per gummy. I love the packaging, the quality, it tastes kinda bitter but the taste doesn’t last long ofc and the high kicks in faster than usual at least for me. Also reduces anxiety!

  16. Joseph

    Great product and great company ,very very fast delivery, bought a 2nd batch days after 1st and about to buy my 3rd , good stuff ,helped when sleep when anxiety wouldnt let me , great price , flavor and texture are just like regular gummies ,love it

  17. siwon

    too satisfied when buying this product. I will definitely buy more and recommend to my friends

  18. jacky chan

    Feel like a childhood return to the candy color, taste delicious and easy to use. I love it

  19. Conteena

    I purchased these gummies to help me with back pain as I have chronic lower back pain every day. So far my back pain has been very minimal. They taste great and it’s hard to not want to eat the whole bottle. The value was great. I’d say very cheap for the amount of gummies in the bottle.

  20. Kaylee

    Purchased for elderly woman to help with pain and anxiety. Seems to be helping so far.

  21. alex-2351

    Oh wow! I’ve tried many edibles but those were a breadth of fresh air! 😀 It’s made from tincture so it tastes a bit more than those with distillate, although I’d say it’s a personal choice. The taste was to me very good considering it packs 20mg. They are squishee like a gummies should be and I start the effect within an hour, or even less. This to me is a good thing because I have high tolerance and I usually need a good 40-60mg before feeling something. With this, 1x20mg and I have a little feeling. 2x20mg and I’m starting to focus. Next time, I’ll try 3x and see how far I get! The Sour flavor is great. I wanted Root Beer but I’m pretty happy with the Sour taste. Will definitely come back!

  22. Laura

    I can’t say enough about this product!!! I take these every night before bed and they help me sleep very soundly!!!

  23. St.Jazz

    Gotta like it

  24. Alan

    I always have body aches. Bought this and received it today. Tried it out. Delicious taste. I love it. I will try it out and will have an update for pain relief.

  25. Kyungsoo

    my favorite product

  26. bobbyken

    Look and taste great, could have eaten them all at once.

  27. thangbin

    I need super strong edibles. These work nice and mild for me. Enjoyable flavours & price/mg is quite reasonable. I’d buy these again!

  28. vetryum

    I need super strong edibles. These work nice and mild for me. Enjoyable flavours & price/mg is quite reasonable. I’d buy these again!

  29. kevin

    Sour keys that get you high are awesome! I eat 2 and I’m good.

  30. Benitez

    I Have months with back pain and therefore is hard for me to sleep, since de first day I been eating this gummies at night all the pain went away and now I sleep more than 8 hours, I definitely recommend !

  31. linda

    This is my boyfriend and I’s favourite. The taste and texture aren’t the greatest, but what comes after far overshadows that.

  32. benny

    Been eating it everyday since I got it. Really like it

  33. mekile

    I need super strong edibles. These work nice and mild for me. Enjoyable flavours & price/mg is quite reasonable. I’d buy these again!

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