Indicas, Sativas, And Hybrids


We all agree that there are two different types of marijuana. Still, even science cannot decide whether they are subspecies or different species. We’re going to be discussing how to identify Indicas, Sativas and Hybrids. You can locate them by their physical characteristics as well as what effects you can expect by using each kind. We’re going to be doing this by referring to strain name only and not by any specific commercialized name since these change from collective to the collective. There is also a ton of controversy or controversies over which one is better, which is stronger, and the real benefits of high ratios of CBD versus THC. 



we’re going to go ahead and discuss cannabis Indica cannabis Indica will consist of 80 percent or higher Indica content and 20 percent or lower Sativa percentage.

The presence of these buds will be almost entirely hairless and dense to the touch, which due to them having more vegetative material and broad leaves in the growing process. They’re darker green in colour thicker leaves branches grow closer together they become shorter and more abundant, and they produce more buds.

The effects of cannabis Indica will help relieve pain and insomnia also helps in stress and anxiety. Some refer to this as a body high. Indicas are much more heavy stone feeling it’s the body stoned. It’ll still give you that creative effect, so you’ll think of many different thoughts as opposed to having one train of thought. You’re more open-minded, but your train of thought is not as long. You’ll notice this when you smoke Indica and when you’re in the middle of a conversation with someone. Then you stop you don’t know what you were talking about right and you’re like what was I saying, and you should know, but you don’t because your train of thought is short. You have less determined thoughts, so obviously that makes being creative and taking action with that creativity pretty tricky. A bit different from Sativa because in small doses or large doses, it is a sedative even if you smoke that first bowl or joint. You will probably immediately want to sit down or lie down. Indica is the antisocial marijuana people call it couch lock as when you smoke Indica; you’re just in your seat. You are stoned. Most regular smokers would choose an Indica for their night smoke because they believe it puts them to sleep. 



Cannabis sativa will consist of 80% of or Sativa content and 20% or less Indica content. 

The buds will appear very hairy and will be spongy and filled. They will also have less vegetation, which is due to they’re thinner leaves in the growing process, making them less dense the effects. The yield is usually lower than Indica, but it is a very potent weed, and Sativas grow pretty much everywhere. Sativa is the lighter green colour narrow leaves branches far apart. They grow tall and thin, and they produce fewer buds. Sativa grows very large like a tree, but the buds are very few and far apart, but because of such a big plant, you can probably get more buds off the plant overall.

Cannabis sativa includes increased energy and appetite, as well as a high hallucinogenic effect, which is often called a head pipe. The unique impact of Sativa would be that it’s a lighter, higher feeling or more of a head high rather than a body stoned. You’ll have more creativity and taking action on your thoughts will be more comfortable with a Sativa type of marijuana than it will be with an Indica. When you smoke Sativa, you’re more likely to be social and calm and still hang out with people. It’s more of a social high, so it is also exciting and different to Indica because it has alerting effects on your body in minimal doses. Once you start smoking it in larger doses, it will still become a sedative very quickly. Therefore, for regular smokers that want to burn in the morning and wake-and-bake or you know just for a daily smoke, most regular marijuana smokers would choose a Sativa. Sativa has a higher THC than CBD, which equals the Cerebral, soaring type of top and the more energetic feeling. 



Now that we’ve covered Indicas and Sativas, we’re going to go ahead and include cannabis hybrids. Cannabis hybrids are the in-between the two different types previously discussed, Indica and Sativa. Hybrids can be anywhere between 30% – 70% Indica or Sativa, resulting in an Indica-dominant Hybrid or Sativa-Dominant Hybrid. They are identified by looking for the previously mentioned characteristics of each type. Determined which the bud contains more of these buds often have mixed effects of both Indica and Sativa. These are the three strains that we have covered. 



There’s a fourth known as Cannabis Ruderalis that is unpopular due to a slow THC content. 


When smoking Indica, the initial hit will likely knock you on your ass, which is usually how some stoners would judge the quality of their weed. If they smoke weed and that puts them right on their ass whether they prefer that or not, they think wow that’s potent marijuana. Therefore, it is arguably perceived as stronger it is more likely to be smoked once you are in a zombie state of being stoned from Indica marijuana. You’re more likely to keep picking it up and burning it. Whereas a Sativa, you might get distracted doing something that has to do with life. The consensus is that Sativa produces more of an energetic head high while Indicas give you that mellow lethargic sort of stoned feeling. If you were to choose Sativa versus Indica for energy smoking, Sativa would take less energy from you than Indica will, so smoke Sativa. Other factors you can use in choosing your buds are to look for a high concentration of trichomes or crystals. If you look for these characteristics and you try your runs, you’re going to end up finding the busts that work for you best. 

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