How to Smoke Hash the Best Way

how to smoke hash

Hash is far more concentrated than weed and has a higher potency than marijuana, so be prepared to feel the effects in record time if you smoke too much, too fast. If you want to know how to smoke hash the right way, we’ve got your back.

Today, we’re going to be delving into and taking a comprehensive look at the best way to smoke hash by discussing the fundamentals. First, we’d take a step back and talk about its history. We’d then discuss the process of making hash, and finally, the different ways you can smoke it.

How Was Hash Discovered?

Before we tell you the best way to smoke hash, let’s have a quick history lesson into its origins. Hash has been around for centuries and can be linked back to ancient Arabic cultures and other age-old civilizations, including those found throughout Northern Africa and most of the Middle East.

Going by various different names, you may have seen it referred to as hash, hashish, or grass. Hash originated in ancient Northern India with the first-ever written references to it appearing in a pamphlet published in Cairo as far back as 1123 CE. In Arabic, the word hashish translates into grass, which is where that association was derived, and the popular name developed.

Hashish is commonly shortened to just hash and is made from kief, which is the resin of cannabis plants. It’s frequently dried and pressed and then formed in cakes or bricks, which can subsequently be smoked in pipes, mixed with other smokable products or vaporized.

Physically, hash is generally yellow, brownish, or at times, even reddish in color. It is soft, crumbly, and pliable to work with. Now, let’s move on to discover how hash is made.

How Do You Make Hash?

The process of making hash is relatively straightforward. It’s a by-product of working with cannabis buds. The more you work, trim, and harvest large amounts of cannabis buds, the more sticky, gooey residue will stick to your hands. Pressed together with more small buds of sap, you start to create more substantial blobs of hash which can be saved for smoking later.

Hash can also be created by removing the kief from marijuana, either using a sieve, a grinder, or a blender. This list is by no means exhaustive and deserves a blog post all of its own, educating and informing how to go from kief to hash.

How to Smoke Hash the Best Way

Now that we’ve provided you with a little more of the backstory, let’s get you firmly underway on your hash smoking adventure. If you’re currently unsure about how to smoke hash, then don’t worry. You are certainly not alone.

There are lots of different ways you can smoke hash from Morrocan to Afghani and Bubble, so sit back and relax. We’re about to unveil the special techniques and top tips on how you can better consume your hashish. We’ll provide not just our top recommended tips but also some handy info on how you can perfect your technique for maximum enjoyment.

1. Using a Hash Pipe Or Bong

We’re kickstarting our guide to smoking hash with one of the most popular, tried, and tested techniques. It also happens to be one of the easiest to master. We’re talking about the use of a pipe or a bong.

To learn the best way to smoke hash, we recommend you prep your hash first. The best method for achieving this is to take some of your hash and place it onto a spoon. Then, apply a gentle flame to heat up the substance so that the consistency becomes crumbly and much more pliable in texture.

The softer and crumbier your hashish, the easier it is to manipulate. You can gently work some of the hash through your fingers, crumbling it up and subsequently sprinting into your pipe.

You might choose to smoke this alone or add some flowers to your base to enhance the high. Just remember that concentrates burn and solder way after they’ve been initially lit and can be heady and intoxicating. Be careful about how much you drag on that pipe at first.

2. Rolling Your Spliff, Joint, or Blunt

This is another excellent way to enjoy your hash. Again, this method can be used solo or mixed with another smokable. There are several recommended best ways of rolling a joint. Which option you go for will be determined by how strong and what your chosen smoke is, whether, for example, you also add tobacco and flowers to your final mix.

First up, you’re going to need to get out your rolling papers. If you are one of the many people who enjoy a relaxing “spliff,” then now is the time to grab your favorite pouch of tobacco and prepare that for your mix.

Layout your rolling paper and fill it with your tobacco or weed. Apply gentle heat to your hash so that it becomes more malleable. Either crumble the hash into the paper and prepare to roll.

Alternatively, if your hash is very soft, you can roll it into a snake-like shape before rolling and enjoying. You can get creative with the forms you make, just make sure that you’re carefully monitoring how much product you’re dispensing.

how to smoke hash

3. Vaporizing Your Hash

Many traditionalists discount the other means of hash consumption. That is a real shame as there are a few different methods that you might discover to be incredibly enjoyable. In fact, some of the healthiest ways you can consume cannabis are through edibles or vaporizers, rather than smoking. Let’s take a look at a couple of your options.

  • Portable Vaporizers

This is not the easiest of methods, and you will need to refer to the specific step-by-step instructions provided with your portable vaporizer. The advantage is that portable vaporizers are compact, so you can easily take one with you.

Generally speaking, the main rule of thumb is that you need degummed hemp fiber for this. Also, set your herb vaporizer at a temperature between 180 and 210 degrees Celsius.

  • Table-Top Vaporisers

Table-top vaporizers are also a popular choice, especially something like the Volcano. With this method, it’s best to use a separate bag specifically for your hash. The reason being that hash residue quickly builds up and can affect the overall flavor and enjoyment of your vaping experience.

When it comes to appropriate heating levels, it really depends on the actual texture of the hash that you have. You might need to start out at Levels 1 or 2, moving up to Level 5 for each successive bag, but it’s entirely dependent on the consistency of that hash.

If you are concerned about getting the formula and balance just right, it’s recommended that you use dry flowers with your table-top vaporizer. In this way, the overall proportions should work out more balanced and enjoyable.

4. Using a Hookah Pipe

Consider keeping it old-school and going down the traditional route with a Hookah pipe. This is an excellent way of enjoying a good old communal smoke shared with friends. The Hookah is basically a pipe to which a hose or hoses is attached.

Ideal for groups and frequently seen in Middle Eastern territories, hash is placed on the top middle section of the Hookah, and smoke is drawn through one of the attached hose tips. It’s been the preferred method of inhaling smokables throughout the Middle East for centuries.

Hookahs also look very decorative and can come in a wide range of ornate and original designs that look great, adding a touch of the exotic. They can, however, be a bit of a bother to keep clean, especially if you do have more than one person smoking at any given time.

To get the best out of this smoking experience, be sure to rollup your hash into balls before placing on top of the Hookah. Next, go right ahead and fill the hookah three-quarters full of water. Finally, heat up your charcoal, and once it’s burning hot, place your hash inside and sit back, ready to enjoy a session on the pipe.

5. Using a Heated Butter Knife

This simple method, also commonly referred to as “Hot Knives,” may well be old school, but it should also be approached with caution. If you don’t have any other options open to you, the hot knife route may present the only viable opportunity. We don’t recommend it as a technique, but we’d rather you heard how to carry it out safely from us.

In essence, this method requires the pre-heating of two butter knives. You’re also going to need a straw, which is why some experts also call this the “straw” method. The straw should be placed above the knives so that you can catch and inhale the smoke. It’s also been known for smokers to use a ballpoint pen with the ink cartridge removed to perform the same technique.

Next up, you need to locate a source of heat so that you can heat up those knives. Once the blades are hot enough, grab a piece of hashish and sandwich it between the two. Press together firmly to combust the hash immediately.

As soon as you begin to see smoke form, grab your straw to catch the smoke and begin to inhale. Pay attention not to place the straw too close to the knife in case it burns or catches fire from the intense heat. You should produce plenty of smoke utilizing this method.

6. Using a Vintage Glass and Pin Technique

Another old classic, this is a technique popularized by student fraternities because of the amount of smoke you can create. There are plenty of variants of this method that are deployed, but we’re going to recommend you use a regular glass with a pin and straw.

Firstly, you’ll need a pre-requisite amount of hash on your pin, then light the hash till you see a small flame. As soon as you spot that flame, blow out your hash and immediately grab your cup and place it over the hash so that your vessel quickly fills up with smoke.

Go right ahead and lift up the glass, making sure you have your straw with you and inhale the smoke. As we said, it’s a classic technique that works and continues to be popular for quick and intense hits.

7. Using a Dab Rig

The process known as dabbing is when you smoke hash concentrate using a dab rig. Dab rigs often resemble glass bongs and are also known as globes. Depending on the type and brand of dab you purchase, your rig should have a nail, a torch, and a dome.

Start by turning on the torch and pointing the flame directly at the nail. As soon as it’s hot, turn off your torch and put your globe over the nail. Now grab your dapper and apply your hash directly on the nail (or dab) inside the dome and inhale.

Some people might also refer to the dab or nail as a needle. Either way, it’s all the same. Just lift up the glass top and enjoy.

8. Taking a Bottle Hit

Our final recommended hash inhaling method is to grab a plastic bottle and a cigarette loaded with hash. Simply cut a hole into the container, and you’re essentially making your own bong from a bottle.

To perfect this technique, simply grab an empty plastic bottle and cut a hole just large enough to stick your spliff through. Make sure you didn’t throw the bottle top away as you will still need that.

When you’ve cut your hole, put the lid back on your bottle to help create a vacuum. Put some hash resin on the end of your joint, light it, and wait for the container to fill up with smoke.

As soon as it does, cover your hand over the hole in the bottle, remove the cap, and deeply inhale the thick smoke produced. In doing this, you should be able to enjoy quite a substantial hit.


By now, you a fully rounded understanding of everything you need to know about smoking hash so that you can decide which of our options is best suited to you. Will you grab a pipe or opt for a more traditional vaporizing method? It’s entirely up to you.

Just remember, whichever method you choose, have fun and be safe. Of course, always try to make sure that you are smoking the finest hash you can purchase.

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