How to Make Bubble Hash in 8 Easy Steps

how to make bubble hash

Have you ever wondered just what bubble hash is and, more importantly, how you can make it using a clean, easy, and high-quality way? The great news is that bubble hash is actually safe to make from home using just a few everyday essential tools.

If that all sounds like music to your ears, then please read on as we talk about exactly how to make bubble hash in our easy-to-follow and ridiculously simple guide. Before we get started on what you’ll need and the process to follow, let’s quickly introduce you to what the term means and why so many people prefer this type of hash over other options.

What Is Bubble Hash?

Bubble hash actually refers to the process of collecting hash from the trim of your weed before submerging in ice-cold water and agitating it. This process causes the trichomes to break, which can then be collected.

Bubble hash is also referred to by many as full melt hash, ice hash, water hash, and also solventless hash. Whenever you hear people refer to the term “hash,” what they really mean is the extracted resin gland of the cannabis plant.

By that, we mean the sticky stuff, which is technically called the trichomes. The bubble element in the name is associated with the agitation process and, specifically, the use of cold water.

Benefits of Making Bubble Hash

Below are just some of the key benefits primarily associated with bubble hash:

  • A concentrate that does not contain solvent
  • Easy to make from home
  • A more refined form of hashish
  • Safe to make
  • Doesn’t require any flammable ingredients
  • No chemicals or chemical reactions involved in the extraction process
  • Excellent use of excess trim, maximizing your return on investment
  • The perceived and actual potency can be as high as 60% when made the correct way
  • No state-of-the-art equipment is necessary

By now, you should be getting a sense of just why bubble hash is so popular. Making it requires no chemical engineering degree, and there’s also no risk of blowing up your garage.

What’s more, there is no significant capital outlay necessary for a new kit. All the materials required to make bubble hash are easily accessible, and all you need to add is a sprinkling of patience, diligent, and a whole lot of love.

Materials Needed to Make Bubble Hash

Here, we are going to walk you through your shopping list of materials and ingredients to make a good-quality bubble hash. Be sure to gather all of these together before you go ahead and get started.

Large, clean buckets (2 pieces)

We recommend at least a minimum of two buckets that have either a one- or five-gallon capacity. You’ll be using one of your buckets for all the filtering activity, and the other to hold your bubble bag mixture. Don’t worry; we’ll be following up with more detailed steps later. First, let’s get the shopping list out of the way.

Just in case you wondered, a one-gallon bucket can hold put to 56 grams of plant matter while a five-gallon bucket can hold up to 200 grams. In the end, the size of bucket best suited to you really depends on how much bubble hash you’d like to end up making.

Micron extraction bags in different sizes (3 to 5 pieces)

Micron extraction bags are what many also refer to as bubble bags. They contain micron filters at the base, which are used for refining purposes. The more bags you have, the more you can refine your hash, and the purer and higher the final end-product will be.

Make sure that your bubble bags fit your buckets and mix it up, perhaps going for the popular combination of one 25u, 73u, 160u, and 220u bag.

Your choice of fresh or frozen bags of quality Cannabis trims or buds

For the best end result, obviously, you need the best quality products. Choose your buds or trim wisely. Leaving them in the freezer overnight also does improve the outcome.

If you are working with buds and not trim, you will need to prep that first, removing any leaves, stems, and seeds. You can expect a one-ounce of trim to provide around three to four grams of bubble hash.

Micron pressing screens, preferably made from cheesecloth or cotton muslin (2 pieces)

Once your bubble hash is prepared, it will need to be placed on a cloth to be dried before storing it for use. For that, you would need micron pressing screens. Those made from cotton muslin or cheesecloth are considered the most appropriate for this step.

Pressurized Spray Bottle

Getting a pressurized spray bottle is optional but recommended. It just helps you better collected any filtered resin remaining at the bottom of your micron extraction bags.

About 10 to 15 pounds of ice

When it comes to the quality of the ice you use, again, it pays to go for the best that you can get. Regular ice will do; you don’t need to be freezing Evian water cubes. However, do ensure that it’s free from chemicals or fluoride as this will adversely affect the end quality of your final bubble hash.

In that respect, the best idea is probably just to prepare and freeze your own ice at home. In this way, at least you know what it actually contains.


  • Water, which, again, you’d want to make sure that it’s quality
  • Towels to keep things neat and tidy and prevent spillages
  • A large mixing spoon
  • A clean, flat piece of cardboard, upon which the resin will be stored for about seven days
  • Bowl of ice, which is an optional extra but is convenient for cleaning your spoons after you’ve collected resin

So that’s all the materials and ingredients out of the way. Now, it’s time to walk you through the process we recommend you follow when making bubble hash.

how to make bubble hash

How to Make Bubble Hash

Your total prep time will be around 30 minutes, with just over an hour of cooking time. You should then allow seven days for storage. This means that the overall process to produce bubble hash that is ready to smoke should take you one full week, plus an hour and 40 minutes.

Step 1: Prepare Your Work Station

Before you get going with the process of making your first batch of bubble hash, you should thoroughly prepare your station. Make sure you lay out all the materials you require and that all your equipment is clean and ready to use.

Getting yourself prepared in advance like this will ensure a seamless and smoother operation. Little things to remember that will make a world of difference include lining your floor with towels to soak up any potential spillages and making sure that your buckets are spaced apart at arm’s distance.

Try and make sure that you are working in a cool and clean environment, too. You’d also want to work in a place where you’re unlikely to be disturbed. Kids and pets are not a good mix when you’re trying to make bubble hash.

Step 2: One Bucket Per Bubble Bag

The next step is where you are going to need to line up your bubble bags and buckets, one each starting from smallest to largest, depending on how many you intend making.

Grab your smallest micron filter bubble bag, probably your 25u, and line it up inside the bottom of your bucket pretty much as you would if you were lining your garbage can with a new liner. Repeat this process with your next smallest bubble bag, finishing up with the largest one, likely to be the 220u bag on the top.

Step 3: Fill up Your Top Bubble Bag With Cannabis and Ice

You are now ready to tackle the next exciting stage. Before you do so, we recommend that you divide up your cannabis into smaller-sized, equally-measured portions.

With the first batch, create an even layer of cannabis and then layer your fresh ice directly on top. Continue to repeat this pattern, layering a row of cannabis followed by a row of ice until you have just about reached the top of the bucket.

The very top layer should be reserved for your final spread of ice. The point of the ice is that it successfully lowers the temperature at which those buds and trichomes freeze. This simply makes the whole process go forward, resulting in cannabinoids that are so much easier to isolate.

Step 4: Fill up Your Spare Bucket With Water

For the next step, you need to grab your extra bucket now and fill that up with water until it close to the lip. Make sure that you don’t overfill and cause spillages as you don’t want to waste any of your content either.

Step 5: Stir the Bucket

The main prep work is now out of the way, and you are ready to move on to the next stage in the process. You need to let your bucket and water inside cool down, so if your refrigerator is large enough to accommodate it, you might consider placing your bucket in the fridge for up to an hour until you need it.

As soon as the water temperature has sufficiently dropped, you are now ready to agitate that wet plant content, taking particular care to stir slowing and precisely. We can’t stress the importance of taking a great deal of care and attention over this specific action. We recommend that you continue stirring for up to 15 minutes to ensure that you get a good, thick mix.

Step 6: Stain Your Bucket

Once you’ve completed 15 minutes of stirring, you are now ready to strain your mixture. Now the fun part really does start.

Begin by grabbing that very top bag that is filled only with your mix, and proceed to drain all the water out of the bucket, letting it seep down into the smaller bags. Once the water has run out, place the bubble bag with all the mixture back into another bucket before you prepare it to be dried.

Step 7: Collecting Your Resin Ready to be Dried

The bag that’s under your mixture bag is where all that resin is trapped. It’s time to free and recover it so that you can begin to spoon out all the resin that’s stuck.

The resin should be olive green in color and should be spooned out and onto your 25u micron pressing screen. You might find something thin, like a credit card, is helpful to use for this process.

You simply need to repeat this process for each of your separate bubble bags. As a top tip, don’t forget to clean your spoon before moving on to the next micron bag, which is why we recommended that you prepared a bowl of clean water for this process.

By following all of these stages, what you are ensuing is that you produce the highest quality grade of bubble hash possible. Little things like this matter to the overall end result. It’s in your smallest bubble bag that you will find your most pure hash.

Step 8: Drying and Storing Your Hash Supply

Now, it’s time to press, dry, and store your hash. Grab your screens and a hand towel, then gently apply pressure onto the resin sandwiched between your filters to remove all of the excess water.

If you don’t have screens, and you just have a cheesecloth wrap, take it in the palm of your hand and squeeze out as much water as possible. Once you’ve managed to get rid of the last drop of water, you are now ready to dry out your produce.

One way to dry out your hash supply is to place it on a piece of clean, dry cardboard and then store it in a cool and dark environment where it can remain undisturbed for a full seven days. You’re going to be tempted to keep taking a sneak peek but try and leave it dry out rather than regularly checking in on the progress.

Trust us; in seven days, it should be solid to the touch, which means that it’s now ready to be smoked, dabbed, or vaporized, depending on your favorite method. Don’t forget to keep your bubble hash in sealed jars for better preservation.

Extra Step!

For even more bubble hash, use the same mixture and repeat the entire process all over again. Just as you did the first time around, simply line your bags from smallest to largest with the same mixture and ice layering combo, and strain away to see how much more resin you can produce.


Sounds easy, right? What are you waiting for? You now know everything there is to know about how to make bubble hash and produce your own highly concentrated and clean mixture from home, so go ahead and make some!

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